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Numerical prediction of relative permeability in water-wet naturally fractured reservoir rocks

SK Matthai, S Bazrafkan, P Lang, C Milliotte

ECMOR 2012 - 13th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery | Published : 2012


The grid-block scale ensemble relative permeability, kri of fractured porous rock with appreciable matrix permeability is of decisive interest to reservoir simulation and the prediction of production, injectorproducer water breakthrough, and ultimate recovery. While the dynamic behaviour of naturally fractured reservoirs (NFR) already provides many clues about (pseudo) kri on the inter-well length scale, such data are difficult to interpret because, in the subsurface, the exact fracture geometry is unknown. Here we present numerical simulation results from discrete fracture and matrix (DFM) unstructured grid hybrid FEM-FVM simulation models, predicting the shape of fracture-matrix kri curves..

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