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3D deterministic multi-level fracture and matrix flow model of a layered platform carbonate reservoir analog (Morocco)

C Milliotte, SK Matthai, S Agar, GS Benson

2nd EAGE Workshop Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Naturally Fractured Reservoirs in Real Life | Published : 2013


The cross-disciplinary, multi-tool modelling and simulation approach we pursue on the Amellago Canyon platform carbonate outcrop (High Atlas, Morocco) aims at a rigorous characterization of stratigraphy, petrology, structure and flow, trying to capture a maximum of geological features of layered carbonate NFRs so that DFM simulation can reveal what level of detail has to be resolved for predictive simulation of reservoir behaviour / determination of equivalent properties by means of flow-based upscaling. This question of model convergence towards a sufficient level of realism is addressed by comparison of results obtained from a hierarchy of thin vertical slab models: Model (1) a coarse mode..

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