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FOXA1 is an essential determinant of ER alpha expression and mammary ductal morphogenesis

Gina M Bernardo, Kristen L Lozada, John D Miedler, Gwyndolen Harburg, Sylvia C Hewitt, Jonathan D Mosley, Andrew K Godwin, Kenneth S Korach, Jane E Visvader, Klaus H Kaestner, Fadi W Abdul-Karim, Monica M Montano, Ruth A Keri

Development | COMPANY BIOLOGISTS LTD | Published : 2010

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Department of Defense (DoD)

Awarded by Case Western Reserve University Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Awarded by Fox Chase Cancer Center

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Kay-Uwe Wagner and Jennifer Yori for instruction in performing orthotopic transplants, Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat for assistance with Gata3 deficient mice and Yanduan Hu for technical support for the ChIP analyses. Paraffin embedding and sectioning was performed by the Case Western Reserve University Tissue Procurement and Histology Core Facility. The CK8 antibody was developed by Philippe Brulet and Rolf Kemler, and obtained from the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank formed under the auspices of the NICHD and maintained by the University of Iowa, Department of Biological Sciences, Iowa City, IA 52242, USA. G. M. B. is supported through a predoctoral fellowship from the Department of Defense (DoD) (W81XWH-06-1-0712). This work was also supported by the Case Western Reserve University Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30 CA043703), a University Hospitals of Cleveland Pathology Research Associates Grant (F. W. A. K. and R. A. K.), the Division of Intramural Research of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/NIH (S. C. H. and K. S. K.), an Ohio Innovation Incentive Fellowship (J. D. Mosley.), the NIH (T32-GM0720, J. D. Mosley; P01 DK049210, K. H. K.; R01 CA090398, R. A. K.), a Fox Chase Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA006927, A. K. G.), the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (J. E. V.) and the DoD (W81XWH-08-1-0347, R. A. K.). Deposited in PMC for release after 12 months.