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Australia-wide point prevalence survey of the use and appropriateness of antimicrobial prescribing for children in hospital

Joshua Osowicki, Amanda Gwee, Jesuina Noronha, Pamela Palasanthiran, Brendan McMullan, Philip N Britton, David Isaacs, Tony Lai, Clare Nourse, Minyon Avent, Paul Moriarty, Julia Clark, Joshua R Francis, Christopher C Blyth, Celia M Cooper, Penelope A Bryant



OBJECTIVES: To describe antimicrobial use in hospitalised Australian children and to analyse the appropriateness of this antimicrobial use. DESIGN: Multicentre single-day hospital-wide point prevalence survey, conducted in conjunction with the Antimicrobial Resistance and Prescribing in European Children study. SETTING: Eight children's hospitals across five Australian states, surveyed during late spring and early summer 2012. PATIENTS: Children and adolescents who were inpatients at 8 am on the day of the survey. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Quantity and quality of antimicrobial prescribing. RESULTS: Of 1373 patients, 631 (46%) were prescribed at least one antimicrobial agent, 198 (31%) of whom w..

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