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Bcl-2 can rescue T lymphocyte development in interleukin-7 receptor-deficient mice but not in mutant rag-1(-/-) mice

E Maraskovsky, LA OReilly, M Teepe, LM Corcoran, JJ Peschon, A Strasser

CELL | CELL PRESS | Published : 1997


Signals from cytokine and antigen receptors play crucial roles during lymphocyte development. Mice lacking interleukin-7 receptor are lymphopenic, due to a defect in cell expansion at an early stage of differentiation, and the few mature T cells that develop in IL-7R-/- animals are functionally impaired. Both defects were rescued completely by overexpression of the anti-apoptosis protein Bcl-2. T cell progenitors lacking antigen receptor molecules are also blocked in differentiation and die, presumably because they fail to receive a positive signal via their pre-T cell receptor. Surprisingly, Bcl-2 did not promote survival or differentiation of T cells in rag-1-/- mice. These results provide..

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