Conference Proceedings

Task 1: ShARe/CLEF eHealth evaluation lab 2013

S Pradhan, N Elhadad, BR South, D Martinez, L Christensen, A Vogel, H Suominen, WW Chapman, G Savova

CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Published : 2013


This report outlines the Task 1 of the ShARe/CLEF eHealth evaluation lab pilot. This task focused on identification (1a) and normalization (1b) of diseases and disorders in clinical reports. It used annotations from the ShARe corpus. A total of 22 teams competed in Task 1a and 17 of them also participated Task 1b. The best systems had an F1 score of 0.75 (0.80 Precision, 0.71 Recall) in Task 1a and an accuracy of 0.59 in Task 1b. The organizers have made the text corpora, annotations, and evaluation tools available for future research and development.

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