Conference Proceedings

One size doesn't fit all: diversifying "the user" using personas and emotional scenarios

AA Lopez-Lorca, T Miller, S Pedell, A MENDOZA, A Keirnan, L Sterling, F Lanubile (ed.), R Ali (ed.)

Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Social Software Engineering | ACM Press | Published : 2014


It is common practice in software engineering to develop a product for the "user". The concepts of users and actors typically oversimplify the variety of people that could use a system in a given scenario. By developing the system for actors, many software engineers effectively develop the system for themselves, embodying the abstract actors with their own personalities - i.e. how would I use the system if I was this actor? A single perspective may be sufficient for situations with a well-defined workflow, however, many systems in the social and domestic domains should consider people's emotional response to systems, which impact product acceptance. To ensure that emotional desires are met a..

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