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Contractile activation characteristics of single permeabilized fibres from levator palpebrae superioris, orbicularis oculi and vastus lateralis muscles from humans

SP Campbell, DA Williams, BR Frueh, GS Lynch

The Journal of Physiology | WILEY | Published : 1999


1. We investigated the contractile activation characteristics of single membrane-permeabilized fibres from the following muscles from humans: the levator palpebrae superioris (LPS), an extraocular muscle; the orbicularis oculi (OO), a facial muscle; and the vastus lateralis (VL), a major muscle of the thigh. 2. Single permeabilized muscle fibres were isolated from each of the different muscles, attached to a sensitive force transducer and activated by rapid immersion in buffered solutions of varying [Ca2+] and [Sr2+]. Fibres were allocated into discrete populations based on their contractile characteristics, including their differential force responses during Ca2+ and Sr2+ activation. 3. Wit..

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