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Parental factors associated with childhood anxiety, depression, and internalizing problems: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Marie Bee Hui Yap, Anthony Francis Jorm

Journal of Affective Disorders | ELSEVIER | Published : 2015


BACKGROUND: There is a burgeoning and varied literature examining the associations between parental factors and depression or anxiety disorders in children. However, there is hitherto no systematic review of this complex literature with a focus on the 5-11 years age range, when there is a steep increase in onset of these disorders. Furthermore, to facilitate the application of the evidence in prevention, a focus on modifiable factors is required. METHODS: Employing the PRISMA method, we conducted a systematic review of parental factors associated with anxiety, depression, and internalizing problems in children which parents can potentially modify. RESULTS: We identified 141 articles altogeth..

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