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Septal Projections to Nucleus Incertus in the Rat: Bidirectional Pathways for Modulation of Hippocampal Function

Ana M Sanchez-Perez, Isabel Arnal-Vicente, Fabio N Santos, Celia W Pereira, Nisrin ElMlili, Julio Sanjuan, Sherie Ma, Andrew L Gundlach, Francisco E Olucha-Bordonau



Projections from the nucleus incertus (NI) to the septum have been implicated in the modulation of hippocampal theta rhythm. In this study we describe a previously uncharacterized projection from the septum to the NI, which may provide feedback modulation of the ascending circuitry. Fluorogold injections into the NI resulted in retrograde labeling in the septum that was concentrated in the horizontal diagonal band and areas of the posterior septum including the septofimbrial and triangular septal nuclei. Double-immunofluorescent staining indicated that the majority of NI-projecting septal neurons were calretinin-positive and some were parvalbumin-, calbindin-, or glutamic acid decarboxylase ..

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