Book Chapter

Cryptosporidium: Current State of Genomics and Systems Biological Research

Robin B Gasser, Aaron R Jex

Cryptosporidium: parasite and disease | Springer Vienna | Published : 2014


Recent years have seen an unprecedented expansion in our knowledge of Cryptosporidium and cryptosporidiosis through the emergence of the genomics and systems biological age. High-quality draft genome sequences are now published for C. parvum and C. hominis, and the draft assembly of C. muris has been made publicly available. These genome sequences reveal a highly stream-lined parasite with limited metabolic and biosynthetic pathways and a heavy reliance on the host-cell. Bottlenecks in these pathways may be exploited for new drugs, which remain stubbornly illusive for these parasites. As more genomic information becomes available, fundamental research into gene regulation, genomic evolution ..

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