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Sheep CD4( ) alpha beta T cells express novel members of the T19 multigene family

MA O'Keeffe, SA Metcalfe, CP Cunningham, ID Walker



The sheep T19 multigene family contains at least 50 genes which are thought to be expressed exclusively on gammadelta T cells. The archetypal T19 molecule (represented by a full-length cattle cDNA clone termed WC1) is thought to have a relative molecular mass of about 220 000 and to contain 11 scavenger receptor cysteine rich (SRCR) repeats and a long cytoplasmic tail. In this study, purified CD4(+) and gammadeltaTCR+ sheep lymphocytes were examined by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction for the expression of T19 molecules. As expected, gammadelta T cells were found to express T19 molecules which closely resembled the archetypal form. However, CD4(+) alphabeta T cells were found ..

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