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Definition and spatial annotation of the dynamic secretome during early kidney development

Gemma Martinez, Kylie Georgas, Grant A Challen, Bree Rumhalle, Melissa J Davis, Darrin Taylor, Rohan D Teasdale, Sean M Grimmond, Melissa H Little



The term "secretome" has been defined as a set of secreted proteins (Grimmond et al. [2003] Genome Res 13:1350-1359). The term "secreted protein" encompasses all proteins exported from the cell including growth factors, extracellular proteinases, morphogens, and extracellular matrix molecules. Defining the genes encoding secreted proteins that change in expression during organogenesis, the dynamic secretome, is likely to point to key drivers of morphogenesis. Such secreted proteins are involved in the reciprocal interactions between the ureteric bud (UB) and the metanephric mesenchyme (MM) that occur during organogenesis of the metanephros. Some key metanephric secreted proteins have been id..

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