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Characterisation of Crim1 expression in the developing mouse urogenital tract reveals a sexually dimorphic gonadal expression pattern

K Georgas, J Bowles, T Yamada, P Koopman, MH Little



The Crim1 gene encodes a putative transmembrane protein with an IGF-binding protein motif and multiple chordin-like cysteine-rich repeats. In chordin, such repeats are responsible for its dorsalising activity and for binding to bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs). Crim1 displays a dynamic expression pattern in a variety of developing organs, including the CNS and the lens. We have undertaken a detailed expression pattern analysis of Crim1 in the developing mouse urogenital system. During metanephric development, Crim1 showed expression both in the ureteric tree, the early condensing mesenchyme and distal comma-shaped bodies. As the nephron elongates, Crim1 becomes expressed in the proximal end ..

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