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Software-Defined Cloud Computing: Architectural elements and open challenges

R Buyya, RN Calheiros, undefined Jungmin Son, AV Dastjerdi, undefined Young Yoon, DE Comer (ed.), SM Thampi (ed.), P Mueller (ed.), D Krishnaswamy (ed.), B Mallick (ed.), A Sikora (ed.), S Mukherjea (ed.)

Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI, 2014 International Conference on | IEEE Press | Published : 2014


The variety of existing cloud services creates a challenge for service providers to enforce reasonable Software Level Agreements (SLA) stating the Quality of Service (QoS) and penalties in case QoS is not achieved. To avoid such penalties at the same time that the infrastructure operates with minimum energy and resource wastage, constant monitoring and adaptation of the infrastructure is needed. We refer to Software-Defined Cloud Computing, or simply Software-Defined Clouds (SDC), as an approach for automating the process of optimal cloud configuration by extending virtualization concept to all resources in a data center. An SDC enables easy reconfiguration and adaptation of physical resourc..

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