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Neutrino physics from the cosmic microwave background and large scale structure

KN Abazajian, K Arnold, J Austermann, BA Benson, C Bischoff, J Bock, JR Bond, J Borrill, E Calabrese, JE Carlstrom, CS Carvalho, CL Chang, HC Chiang, S Church, A Cooray, TM 'Crawford, KS Dawson, S Das, MJ Devlin, M Dobbs Show all



This is a report on the status and prospects of the quantification of neutrino properties through the cosmological neutrino background for the Cosmic Frontier of the Division of Particles and Fields Community Summer Study long-term planning exercise. Experiments planned and underway are prepared to study the cosmological neutrino background in detail via its influence on distance-redshift relations and the growth of structure. The program for the next decade described in this document, including upcoming spectroscopic galaxy surveys eBOSS and DESI and a new Stage-IV CMB polarization experiment CMB-S4, will achieve σ(σmν) = 16 meV and σ(Neff) = 0.020. Such a mass measurement will produce a hi..

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