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Genome-wide association mapping to candidate polymorphism resolution in the unsequenced barley genome

James Cockram, Jon White, Diana L Zuluaga, David Smith, Jordi Comadran, Malcolm Macaulay, Zewei Luo, Mike J Kearsey, Peter Werner, David Harrap, Chris Tapsell, Hui Liu, Peter E Hedley, Nils Stein, Daniela Schulte, Burkhard Steuernagel, David F Marshall, William TB Thomas, Luke Ramsay, Ian Mackay Show all

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences | NATL ACAD SCIENCES | Published : 2010

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank J. DeYoung for SNP genotyping, the NIAB Agricultural Food Crops team for phenotypic data, and Eurofins MWG Operon for BAC sequencing. This work was supported by Defra, the Scottish Government, and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council through Sustainable Arable LINK Program Grant 302/BB/D522003/1, Association Genetics of UK Elite Barley, and the NIAB Trust.