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The association between polymorphisms in RLIP76 and drug response in epilepsy

Guy D Leschziner, Andrea L Jorgensen, Toby Andrews, Paula R Williamson, Anthony G Marson, Alison J Coffey, Claire Middleditch, David J Balding, Jane Roger, David R Bentley, David Chadwick, Michael R Johnson, Munir Pirmohamed



INTRODUCTION: Approximately 30% of patients with epilepsy are resistant to treatment with anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). The ABC drug transporter proteins are hypothesized to mediate drug resistance in epilepsy. More recently, a non-ABC putative transporter, RLIP76, has also been proposed to be involved in the mechanism of pharmacoresistance. One previous association study of six polymorphisms in RLIP76 failed to find any association with drug resistance in a retrospective cohort of epilepsy patients. We aimed to look for an association with outcomes reflecting drug response in a larger prospective cohort, with gene-wide coverage. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We investigated the role of common polymo..

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