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Microwetting of supported graphene on hydrophobic surfaces revealed by polymerized interfacial femtodroplets.

Shuhua Peng, Detlef Lohse, Xuehua Zhang

Langmuir | Published : 2014


Understanding the wettability of graphene is the crucial step toward the design and control of graphene-based surface in contact with liquids. In this work, the static microwettability of a supported single layer graphene (SLG) immersed in water or alcoholic aqueous solutions is revealed by the morphological characterization of the polymerized interfacial femtoliter droplets. As expected, the contact angle of the femtoliter droplets on the SLG in water is in between that on the underlying silanized silicon and that on graphite (HOPG). However, the wettability of femtoliter droplets on the SLG demonstrates a unique dependence on the compositions of the surrounding liquid medium: Their contact..

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