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Small angle X-ray scattering analysis of Cu2 -induced oligomers of the Alzheimer's amyloid beta peptide

Timothy M Ryan, Nigel Kirby, Haydyn DT Mertens, Blaine Roberts, Kevin J Barnham, Roberto Cappai, Chi Le Lan Pham, Colin L Masters, Cyril C Curtain



Research into causes of Alzheimer's disease and its treatment has produced a tantalising array of hypotheses about the role of transition metal dyshomeostasis, many of them on the interaction of these metals with the neurotoxic amyloid-β peptide (Aβ). Here, we have used small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) to study the effect of the molar ratio, Cu(2+)/Aβ, on the early three-dimensional structures of the Aβ1-40 and Cu(2+)/Aβ1-42 peptides in solution. We found that at molar ratios of 0.5 copper to peptide Aβ1-40 aggregated, while Aβ1-42 adopted a relatively monodisperse cylindrical shape, and at a ratio of 1.5 copper to peptide Aβ1-40 adopted a monodisperse cylindrical shape, while Aβ1-42 adop..

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