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Microcrustacean prey and macroinvertebrate predators in a stream food web


Freshwater Biology | Published : 1995


1. The consumption of microcrustacea by two polyphagous predators, larvae of the caddisfly Plectrocnemia conspersa (Curtis) and the alderfly Sialis fuliginosa Pictet, was investigated in an English stream with a well‐known macro‐ and microinvertebrate fauna. Benthic samples were collected in August, November, December and April, and the gut contents of all individuals of both predators were examined. 2. All the microcrustacean groups (Cyclopoida, Harpacticoida, Chydoridae and Ostracoda) were identified in gut contents. Of the ten taxa present in the benthos, all occurred in the diet of P. conspersa; nine were found in S. fuliginosa. 3. Ontogenetic shifts in the diets of both predators were f..

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