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Predation and drift of lotic macroinvertebrates during colonization.

J Lancaster

Oecologia | Published : 1990


A field experiment was carried out to determine the effect of an invertebrate predator on the colonization and drift of benthic macroinvertebrates in experimental stream channels. Lotic invertebrates colonized four replicate channels: two controls with no predators, and two channels with low densities (2.8 m-2) of predatory stonefly nymphs, Doroneuria baumanni (Perlidae). Immigration rates were measured at the inflow of two other channels. Drift rates of invertebrates immigrating to and emigrating from channels were measured daily, and benthic samples were collected every five days. Over a 25-day colonization period, benthic densities of Baetis nymphs and larval Chironomidae were reduced by ..

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