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Interpreting zirconium-in-rutile thermometric

K Taylor-Jones, R Powell



At first sight, experimental results and observations on rocks suggest that the Zr content in rutile, where equilibrated with quartz and zircon, should be a useful thermometer for metamorphic rocks. However, diffusion data for Zr in rutile imply that thermometry should not, for plausible rates of cooling, give the high temperatures commonly observed in high-grade metamorphic rocks. It is suggested here that such observations can be accounted for by high-T diffusive closure of Si in rutile, causing the interior of rutile grains to become insensitive to the thermometer equilibrium well above the temperature of Zr diffusive closure. Paired with comparatively slow grain boundary diffusion and pr..

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Awarded by ARC

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank T. Holland for his assistance in establishing thermodynamic parameters for a TiO<INF>2</INF> liquid end-member. D. Cherniak, E. Kooijman and T. Ewing are thanked for helpful and constructive reviews, along with M. Brown for his detailed and patient editorial work. KTJ acknowledges the support of Gates Cambridge and Trinity College, Cambridge. RP acknowledges support from ARC DP0451770 and DP0987731.