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Resolving Nonstationary Spectral Information in Wind Speed Time Series Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform

Claire Vincent, Gregor Giebel, Pierre Pinson, Henrik Madsen



This work is motivated by the observation that large-amplitude wind fluctuations on temporal scales of 1-10 h present challenges for the power management of large offshore wind farms. Wind fluctuations on these scales are analyzed at a meteorological measurement mast in the Danish North Sea using a 4-yr time series of 10-min wind speed observations. An adaptive spectral analysis method called the Hilbert-Huang transform is chosen for the analysis, because the nonstationarity of time series of wind speed observations means that they are not well described by a global spectral analysis method such as the Fourier transform. The Hilbert-Huang transform is a local method based on a nonparametric ..

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Awarded by HRENSEMBLE-High Resolution ENSEMBLEs for Horns Rev

Awarded by Mesoscale atmospheric variability and the variation of wind and production for offshore wind farms

Funding Acknowledgements

Wind speed observations for this work were supplied by Vattenfall and DONG Energy as part of the Danish Public Service Obligation (PSO) fund project "HRENSEMBLE-High Resolution ENSEMBLEs for Horns Rev" (under Contract PSO-6382), which is gratefully acknowledged. The authors also acknowledge the support of the Danish PSO fund project "Mesoscale atmospheric variability and the variation of wind and production for offshore wind farms" (under Contract PSO-7141). The authors are grateful to Alfredo Pena from Riso for detailed proofreading and assistance with Fig. 1. Coordinates of the Horns Rev II wind, farm were kindly supplied by Dong Energy. The insightful comments of two anonymous reviewers were much appreciated.