Journal article

Verification of a high-resolution mesoscale NWP system

Claire L Vincent, William Bourke, Jeffrey D Kepert, Mohar Chattopadhyay, Yimin Ma, Peter J Steinle, Chris IW Tingwell

Australian Meteorological Magazine | AUSTRALIAN BUREAU METEOROLOGY | Published : 2008

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The support of CSIRO and a number of Australian wind farm operators who have provided access to wind data is gratefully acknowledged. The author's acknowledge the generous assistance of the CSIRO Wind Energy Research Unit in providing technical assistance in providing their quality-controlled wind tower data. The Australian Greenhouse Office is acknowledged For supporting the project. The authors also wish to thank Dr Gregor Gicbel and Dr Jake Badger of the Riso National Laboratory. Denmark, for useful conversations about the effects of stability in wind energy forecasting. The in-depth review and helpful Suggestions from Dr Grallam Mills of the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research are greatly appreciated.