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Avifaunal disarray: quantifying models of the occurrence and ecological effects of a despotic bird species

James R Thomson, Martine Maron, Merilyn J Grey, Carla P Catterall, Richard E Major, Damon L Oliver, Michael F Clarke, Richard H Loyn, Ian Davidson, Dean Ingwersen, Doug Robinson, Alex Kutt, Michael A MacDonald, Ralph Mac Nally



Aim: Strongly interacting species have disproportionately large ecological effects relative to their abundances or biomass. We previously developed two conceptual models that described how one such strong interactor, the Australian bird the noisy miner Manorina melanocephala: (1) establishes resident high-density and hyperaggressive colonies and (2) in doing so, affects other biota and ecosystem processes. Here, we evaluate parts of those models relating to noisy miner habitat preferences and effects on bird assemblages using data from across the geographical range of the miner. Location: Eastern Australia. Methods: Avian-assemblage data were compiled for 2 128 survey transects (distributed ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This paper is output no. 2 from workshops held by the Noisy Miner Working Group sponsored by the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Jian Yen assisted with model fitting; Joanne Oldland, Geoff Barrett, Rick Webster, Richard Taylor, Scott Piper, Jarrad Cousin, Jarrod Kath, Alison Howes and Terry Reis kindly provided data. Mac Nally and Thomson were supported partially by ARC Grant DP120100797.