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Towards robust regional estimates of CO2 sources and sinks using atmospheric transport models

KR Gurney, RM Law, AS Denning, PJ Rayner, D Baker, P Bousquet, L Bruhwiler, YH Chen, P Ciais, S Fan, IY Fung, M Gloor, M Heimann, K Higuchi, J John, T Maki, S Maksyutov, K Masarie, P Peylin, M Prather Show all



Information about regional carbon sources and sinks can be derived from variations in observed atmospheric CO2 concentrations via inverse modelling with atmospheric tracer transport models. A consensus has not yet been reached regarding the size and distribution of regional carbon fluxes obtained using this approach, partly owing to the use of several different atmospheric transport models. Here we report estimates of surface-atmosphere CO2 fluxes from an intercomparison of atmospheric CO2 inversion models (the TransCom 3 project), which includes 16 transport models and model variants. We find an uptake of CO2 in the southern extratropical ocean less than that estimated from ocean measuremen..

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