The enteric nervous system and regulation of intestinal motility

WAA Kunze, JB Furness

Annual Review of Physiology | ANNUAL REVIEWS | Published : 1999


The enteric nervous system exerts local control over mixing and propulsive movements in the small intestine. When digestion is in progress, intrinsic primary afferent neurons (IPANs) are activated by the contents of the intestine. The IPANs that have been physiologically characterized are in the intrinsic myenteric ganglia. They are numerous, about 650/mm length of small intestine in the guinea pig, and communicate with each other through slow excitatory transmission to form self-reinforcing assemblies. High proportions of these neurons respond to chemicals in the lumen or to tension in the muscle; physiological stimuli activate assemblies of hundreds or thousands of IPANs. The IPANs make di..

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