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Projections of substance P-containing neurons within the guinea-pig small intestine.

M Costa, JB Furness, IJ Llewellyn-Smith, AC Cuello

Neuroscience | Published : 1981


The origins of substance P immunoreactive axons in the small intestine of the guinea-pig were investigated with an immunohistochemical technique in whole mount preparations. Nerve pathways were interrupted either in vitro or in vivo to detect the accumulation of substance P proximal to the lesion and the disappearance of immunoreactive fibres resulting from the degeneration of the severed axons. Various operations, namely, extrinsic denervation, interruption of the myenteric plexus (myotomy) or removal of the myenteric plexus with the longitudinal muscle (myectomy), were performed prior to examination of substance P-containing neurons. There are several projections of substance P-containing ..

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