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Noncovalent scFv multimers of tumor-targeting anti-Lewis(y) hu3S193 humanized antibody

BE Power, L Doughty, DR Shapira, JE Burns, AM Bayly, JM Caine, ZQ Liu, AM Scott, PJ Hudson, AA Kortt

PROTEIN SCIENCE | WILEY | Published : 2003


Single-chain variable fragments (scFvs) of anti-Lewis(y) hu3S193 humanized antibody were constructed by joining the V(H) and V(L) domains with either +2 residues, +1 residue, or by directly linking the domains. In addition two constructs were synthesized in which one or two C-terminal residues of the V(H) domain were removed (-1 residue, -2 residue) and then joined directly to the V(L) domain. An scFv construct in the reverse orientation with the V(L) joined directly to the V(H) domain was also synthesized. Upon transformation into Escherichia coli all scFv constructs expressed active protein. Binding activity, multimeric status, and multivalent properties were assessed by flow cytometry, si..

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