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Potentiation by cocaine of relaxations of the guinea-pig colon caused by noradrenaline and by stimulation of adrenergic nerves.

M Costa, JB Furness, K Dawson

Aust J Exp Biol Med Sci | Published : 1975


The distal colon of the guinea-pig is relaxed by noradrenaline, by isoprenaline and by the stimulation of fibres running with the colonic nerves or intramurally. The relaxations in response to stimulation of the colonic nerves have a guanethidine-sensitive (adrenergic) and a guanethidine-insensitive (non-adrenergic) component. Cocaine causes a three-fold sensitization of the muscle to noradrenaline but no sensitization to isoprenaline. Cocaine increases the duration, but does not affect the amplitude, of the relaxation observed when adrenergic nerves are stimulated, and affects neither duration nor amplitude of the non-adrenergic response. The adrenergic nerve terminals lie in Auerbach's ple..

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