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Re-innervation of smooth muscle of the vas deferens transplanted into the anterior chamber of the eye.

T Malmfors, JB Furness, GR Campbell, G Burnstock

J Neurobiol | Published : 1971


Pieces of vas deferens were transplanted into the anterior chamber of the eye in guinea pigs. The transplants were observed in vivo and then removed and examined with cellular methods. Changes occurring in smooth muscle cells and in nerves were examined with the electron microscope and with the fluorescence histochemical method. Neuromuscular transmission in the transplant was examined with microelectrode and organ bath methods. Four main phases were distinguished in transplants between 2 days and 14 weeks (the oldest transplants examined): (1) initial degeneration of nerves and muscles; (2) vascularization followed by the onset of regeneration of muscle at 3 to 4 days; (3) re‐innervation by..

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