Conference Proceedings

Batch Reactor experimental Results for GaMin’11: Reactivity of Siderite/Ankerite, Labradorite, Illite and Chlorite Under CO2 Saturated Conditions

JR Black, RR Haese

Energy Procedia | Published : 2014


Abstract A series of batch reactor experiments were conducted to measure the rate of dissolution of four mineral specimens under conditions of CO saturation at 200 bar and 80oC in NaCl brines. Comparing the results within individual experiments and against those of eleven different laboratories participating in an interlaboratory comparison study (GaMin’11) shows wide variability, up to two orders of magnitude, in measured dissolution rates of individual minerals. In general, elevated pCO2 appears to have little effect on mineral dissolution rates other than the expected increase in dissolution rate induced by the increase in acidity of solutions.