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Hydrological variability over the Apennines during the Early Last Glacial precession minimum, as revealed by a stable isotope record from Sulmona basin, Central Italy

Eleonora Regattieri, Biagio Giaccio, Giovanni Zanchetta, Russell N Drysdale, Paolo Galli, Sebastien Nomade, Edoardo Peronace, Sabine Wulf



A multi-proxy record was acquired from a Late Pleistocene lacustrine succession in the Sulmona basin, central Italy. Previous and new tephrostratigraphic analyses of six volcanic ash layers constrain the investigated interval to between 92.3 and 115.0 ka. The δ18O composition is interpreted as a proxy for precipitation amount in the high-altitude catchment of the karst recharge system. The oxygen record shows millennial variability that is consistent with Greenland Interstadials GI25-23 and North Atlantic cold events C24-C22, indicating a strong Mediterranean-North Atlantic climate teleconnection. However, while no appreciable isotopic difference between the three interstadials is revealed b..

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Funding Acknowledgements

E.R. is supported by a PhD grant of the School of Graduate Studies Galileo Galilei (University of Pisa, Italy). We thank M. F. Sanchez-Goni for useful discussion on the Mediterranean character of different interstadials and L. Sadori for discussion about the significance of the pollen data. We thank P. C. Tzedakis and an anonymous reviewer for their useful and perceptive comments that helped to improve the clarity and quality of the paper.