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Upregulation of Intestinal Glucose Transporters after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass to Prevent Carbohydrate Malabsorption

Nam Q Nguyen, Tamara L Debreceni, Jenna E Bambrick, Bridgette Chia, Adam M Deane, Gary Wittert, Chris K Rayner, Michael Horowitz, Richard L Young

Obesity | WILEY | Published : 2014


OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) on the expression of intestinal sweet taste receptors (STRs), glucose transporters (GTs), glucose absorption, and glycemia. METHODS: Intestinal biopsies were collected for mRNA expression of STR (T1R2) and GTs (SGLT-1 and GLUT2) from 11 non-diabetic RYGB, 13 non-diabetic obese, and 11 healthy subjects, at baseline and following a 30 min small intestinal (SI) glucose infusion (30 g/150 ml water with 3 g 3-O-methyl-d-glucopyranose (3-OMG)). Blood glucose, plasma 3-OMG, and insulin were measured for 270 min. RESULTS: In RYGB patients, expression of both GTs was ∼2-fold higher at baseline and after glucose infusion than those ..

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