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EGF-mediated induction of Mcl-1 at the switch to lactation is essential for alveolar cell survival

Nai Yang Fu, Anne C Rios, Bhupinder Pal, Rina Soetanto, Aaron TL Lun, Kevin Liu, Tamara Beck, Sarah A Best, Francois Vaillant, Philippe Bouillet, Andreas Strasser, Thomas Preiss, Gordon K Smyth, Rey J Lindeman, Jane E Visvader

Nature Cell Biology | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2015


Awarded by Australian National Illealth and Medical Research Council (INHIMRC)

Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful to J. Takeda and M. Takaishi for the gift of K5-cre transgenic mice and S. Glaser for provision of an We thank D. Huang for advice. We also thank J. L. Clancy, S. K. Archer and G. III./irtan for assistance with the polysome experiments, Py Helbert for genotyping, and the Ai iii FACS, Imaging and HistirTogy Hcilities il TI HI This work was supported by the Australian National Illealth and Medical Research Council (INHIMRC) grants no. 1016701, no. 1024852, no. 1086727; NHMRC RI S the VDtorian State Government through RICA Minding of the Victorian Breast Cancer Reseamh Consortium and Operational infrastructure Support; and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. N.Y.F. and. are supported by a National Breast Cancer Foundation (NB( F)/Cure Cancer Australia FellowshM; AT.L.L. by an Elizabeth and Vernon Puzey Scholarship from the University of Metbaurne; S. IF. by a N IV R 1 ystgraduate ScholarshM to 1017256; P.B., G.K.S. and G.I.L by NITAIRC Fell ships no. 1042629, no. 1058892, no. 637307; and J.E. V. by an Australia Fellowship.