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Functional coupling of mu-receptor-G alpha i-tethered proteins in AtT20 cells

Billy C Chieng, David J Lee, Yan P Du, Peregrine B Osborne, MacDonald J Christie, Dominique Massotte



Opioid efficacy on mu-receptor may be influenced by various Gi/o-G-protein subunits interacting with intracellular face of receptor. Pertussis toxin-insensitive Galphai1 and Galphai2 subunits tethered with mu-receptor were stably transfected into AtT20 cells to (i) determine coupling of different alpha-subunits on opioid efficacy, and (ii) determine coupling to downstream effectors, for example, calcium and potassium channels. After pertussis toxin, stimulation of [35S]GTP-gamma-S incorporation persisted. Both constructs were able to couple to native calcium and potassium channels, with endomorphins 1 and 2 equally effective. However, pertussis toxin abolished opioid actions on calcium and p..

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Awarded by NH MRC Australia

Awarded by National Institute on Drug Abuse

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by NH & MRC Australia project grant #302087 to B.C.C and M.J.C., and National Institute on Drug Abuse Grant DA12926-01 to M.J.C. M.J.C. is a NH & MRC Senior Principal Research Fellow (511914).