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Testosterone has potent, selective effects on the morphology of pelvic autonomic neurons which control the bladder, lower bowel and internal reproductive organs of the male rat

JR Keast, RJ Saunders



Although gonadal steroids are important determinants of the development and activity of various neuronal circuits in the brain and spinal cord, their function has been relatively poorly studied in the peripheral nervous system. In the present work, the effects of pre- and postpubertal castration were examined on the morphology of autonomic neurons that supply pelvic visceral organs in male rats. These neurons were identified by peripheral injection of fluorescent retrograde tracers and, in the major pelvic ganglion, were further classified as sympathetic or parasympathetic by means of immunostaining for tyrosine hydroxylase. Sizes of ganglion cell somata were indicated by areas of nucleated ..

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