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A retrospective study of medical comorbidities in psychogeriatric patients

Anita MY Goh, Alissa Westphal, Teresa Daws, Sophie Gascoigne-Cohen, Bridget Hamilton, Nicola T Lautenschlager



BACKGROUND: This study contributes further research into the assessment and treatment of older psychiatric patients with medical comorbidities. METHODS: A retrospective file audit was conducted at the acute inpatient psychogeriatric unit of St Vincent's Aged Mental Health Service, Melbourne, in order to determine the prevalence of certain medical comorbidities and the nature of medical interventions provided for psychogeriatric inpatients. RESULTS: This study, investigating 165 admissions into an acute inpatient psychogeriatric unit, highlights that psychiatric and medical comorbidities are routine in this population: the vast majority (91.5%) of all inpatients had at least one medical comor..

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