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Impact of Fetal Growth and Preterm Birth on the Retinal Microvasculature in Mid-Adulthood

Sultana Monira Hussain, Mika Kahonen, Olli T Raitakari, Michael R Skilton, Nicholas Witt, Nish Chaturvedi, Nina Hutri-Kahonen, Terho Lehtimaki, Hanna Vaahtoranta-Lehtonen, Markus Juonala, Sumangali Wijetunge, Alun D Hughes, Simon A McG Thom, Andrew Metha, Robyn J Tapp

Microcirculation | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2015


OBJECTIVE: We hypothesized that preterm birth and being born SGA would be associated with changes in retinal microvascular architecture and that these changes would be more marked among those born preterm. We further hypothesized that these microvascular changes would correlate with early markers of CVD in mid-adulthood. METHODS: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study included randomly selected children from 5 Finnish University cities. Retinal microvascular architecture of participants born preterm, born at term and SGA and a control group born at term and AGA were compared (aged 34-49 years). RESULTS: In participants born preterm, arteriolar tortuosity (×10(2)) was higher-means (stan..

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Awarded by Academy of Finland

Awarded by Kuopio, Tampere, and Turku University Hospital Medical Funds

Awarded by British Heart Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study has been financially supported by the Academy of Finland (grants 126925, 121584, 124282, 129378 [Salve], 117787 [Gendi], 41071 [Skidi], and 134309 [eye]); the Social Insurance Institution of Finland; the Kuopio, Tampere, and Turku University Hospital Medical Funds (grant 9N035 for T. L.); the Juho Vainio Foundation; the Paavo Nurmi Foundation; the Finnish Foundation of Cardiovascular Research (T.L., O.R.); the Finnish Cultural Foundation; as well as the Tampere Tuberculosis Foundation and the Emil Aaltonen Foundation. Dr Hussain is the recipient of Endevour IPRS and APA scholarship from the Government of Australia and Faculty Excellence Scholarship from Monash University.