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Steroid adduct formation with lens crystallins.

Andrew I Jobling, Robert C Augusteyn

Clin Exp Optom | Published : 1999


BACKGROUND: Development of steroid cataract is a likely outcome following prolonged exposure to glucocorticoids. It has been suggested that formation of steroid-protein adducts is a key event in this lens opacification. In order to explore this possibility, we have monitored the reaction of bovine lens proteins with glucocorticoids and examined the effects of adduct formation on their structures. METHODS: Bovine lens proteins were incubated with high (10(-4) M) and low (10(-8) M) concentrations of dexamethasone or prednisolone for up to 56 days at 37 degrees Celsius. Changes in molecular size and solubility of the crystallins and their polypeptide subunits were examined using gel permeation ..

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