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Growth and migration markers of rat C6 glioma cells identified by serial analysis of gene expression

JM Gunnersen, V Spirkoska, PE Smith, RA Danks, SS Tan

GLIA | WILEY-LISS | Published : 2000


Tumors derived from rat C6 cell implants into rat brain exhibit similar morphological characteristics and degree of vascularization to human glioblastomas. To establish a molecular basis for C6 gliosarcoma malignancy, we have constructed a molecular profile of the most abundantly expressed genes, using serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE). Sequence tags (1168) representing 738 individual transcripts were collected and tag-to-gene mapping was carried out using the UniGene data set for rat. Differentially expressed C6 transcripts were identified by comparison of tags collected for C6 cells with a similar number (1002) of tags from a rat primary astrocyte library. Genes found to be express..

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