Numerical simulation of departures from radial drawdown in a faulted sandstone reservoir with joints and deformation bands

SK Matthäi, A Aydin, DD Pollard, SG Roberts

Geological Society Special Publication | Published : 1998


This paper is included in the Special Publication entitled 'Faulting, fault sealing and fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoirs', edited by G.Jones, Q.J. Fisher and R.J. Knipe. Field measurements constrain the fluid flow characteristics of an analogue hydrocarbon reservoir in the faulted Entrada sandstone, Arches National Park, Utah. These data comprise maps of the geometry, inhomogeneous permeability, and porosity of fault zones, joints, and deformation bands in a region where two discontinuous normal faults overlap. Two-dimensional computer simulations of drainage of this analogue reservoir identify normal faults with highly permeable slip planes as the most important reservoir inhomogeneitie..

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