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Effect of increased adiposity on insulin sensitivity and adipokine concentrations in horses and ponies fed a high fat diet, with or without a once daily high glycaemic meal

NJ Bamford, SJ Potter, PA Harris, SR Bailey



REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY: The relative influences of obesity and adaptation to high glycaemic diets on the development of insulin dysregulation in equids are unclear. OBJECTIVES: To determine whether increased adiposity per se is responsible for the decreased insulin sensitivity often observed in obese horses or whether a dietary glycaemic response is critically important. STUDY DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial. METHODS: Eighteen horses and ponies were studied over a 20-week period. They received ad libitum hay plus either a high fat (low glycaemic) diet (FAT; n = 6) or a similar (isocaloric) diet containing 1.5 g/kg bwt once daily glucose (GLU; n = 6) to induce obesity. A third group..

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