Conference Proceedings

Vibration measurement of a model wind turbine using high speed photogrammetry

D Kalpoe, K Khoshelham, B Gorte, F Remondino (ed.), MR Shortis (ed.)

Proceedings of SPIE | Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) | Published : 2011


We investigate the application of the photogrammetric approach to measuring the vibration of a model wind turbine in a sequence of stereo image pairs acquired by high speed cameras. The challenge of the photogrammetric measurement of a highly dynamic phenomenon is the efficiency of the point measurement process in a large number of images. We present a method for automated detection, tracking and measurement of photogrammetric targets in the sequence of stereo images. The tracking process exploits the knowledge of the circular motion of the rotor blades, and thus of the targets, to reduce the space of search for correspondences. The vibration is derived as the deviation of the 3D reconstruct..

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