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The binding of monovalent electrolyte ions on alpha-alumina. II. The shear yield stress of concentrated suspensions

SB Johnson, GV Franks, PJ Scales, TW Healy



The shear yield stress properties of α-alumina suspensions have been investigated as a function of pH and different monovalent electrolyte types and concentrations. The results have then been compared with complementary electrokinetic studies of α-alumina under analogous suspension conditions. Over the entire pH range at an electrolyte concentration of 1.0 mol dm-3, the shear yield stress is shown to decrease in the sequence Li+ > Na+ > K+ > Cs+, showing that the strength of the interparticle network decreases in the same order. In addition, use of the shear yield stress model of Scales et al. indicates that the interparticle separation in the presence of these species decreases in the seque..

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