Journal article

A case of Kingella kingae endocarditis complicated by native mitral valve rupture.

Mohammad Bagherirad, Damoon Entesari-Tatafi, Sam Mirzaee, Allan Appelbe, Chenghon Yap, Eugene Athan

Australas Med J | Published : 2013


We report a case of Kingella kingae endocarditis in a patient with a history of recent respiratory tract infection and dental extraction. This case is remarkable for embolic and vasculitic phenomena in association with a large valve vegetation and valve perforation. Kingella kingae is an organism known to cause endocarditis, however early major complications are uncommon. Our case of Kingella endocarditis behaved in a virulent fashion necessitating a combined approach of intravenous antibiotic therapy and a valve replacement. It highlights the importance of expedited investigation for endocarditis in patients with Kingella bacteraemia.

University of Melbourne Researchers