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Participatory assessment and mapping of ecosystem services in a data-poor region: Case study of community-managed forests in central Nepal

Khan Paudyal, Himlal Baral, Benjamin Burkhard, Santosh P Bhandari, Rodney J Keenan



Community-managed forests (CMF) provide vital ecosystem services (ES) for local communities. However, the status and trend of ES in CMF have not been assessed in many developing countries because of a lack of appropriate data, tools, appropriate policy or management framework. Using a case study of community-managed forested landscape in central Nepal, this paper aims to identify and map priority ES and assess the temporal change in the provision of ES between 1990 and 2013. Semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions, transect walks and participatory mapping were used to identify and assess priority ES. The results indicated that community forestry has resulted in the substantial re..

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