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The Use Of A Cochlear Implant And Cell-Based Therapies To Promote Nerve Survival

AK Wise, JB Fallon, AJ Neil, L Pettingill, MS Geaney, RK Shepherd

Published : 2011


Spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs) in the deafened cochlea undergo continual degeneration ultimately resulting in cell death. The exogenous application of neurotrophins (NTs) can prevent SGN degeneration, with the survival effects enhanced by chronic intracochlear electrical stimulation (ES) from a cochlear implant. However, previously described techniques to administer NTs to the cochlea have limited clinical applicability, thus restricting the use of NTs in treating neurodegenerative diseases. We have used a cell-based technique to provide NTs in a clinically viable manner that can be combined with cochlear implant use. Neonatal cats were ototoxically deafened systemically and at two months of..

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