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Measurement of occult upper gastrointestinal tract blood loss: a direct comparison of radiochromium and haem-porphyrin assay techniques.

GP Young, DJ St John, NM Lynch, JG McHutchison, D Barraclough

J Gastroenterol Hepatol | Published : 1993


Faecal haem-porphyrin assay by the HemoQuant method has many practical advantages over the well-validated, radiochromium (51Cr-tagged red cell) method for measuring gastrointestinal blood loss. Because haem may be absorbed but the chronic ion is not, the two measures were directly compared in low-grade bleeding from the proximal gastrointestinal tract. Blood loss was measured by both methods simultaneously in 40 patients with osteoarthritis before and during medication with aspirin preparations. Mean (geometric) daily blood loss before aspirin usage measured 0.60 mL radiochromium (range 0.13-1.62) and 0.47 mL (0.14-1.40) by HemoQuant (P = 0.042). On aspirin, bleeding rose to 1.57 mL/day (0.4..

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